Appeal to Visionary Investor

The vision for commercialization of invention is not limited to manufacturing of patented valves. Considering the unique functionality offered by this valve technology there would be multiple applications from almost every industry sector.

To start manufacturing and spread to global market, he is exploring possibilities to obtain Eco-system support. Hence, he invites expression of interest from visionary investors to launch this Tech-based Manufacturing Venture having huge business potential across international market.

The venture will be engaged in developing innovative technologies, manufacture core products like valves (mechanical engineering), electronic controllers (embedded electronics) and application software. The in house design team will standardize the multiple applications brought forward from several industry sectors. The system integrator network across globe will carry out fabrication and other engineering work locally using our designs, standards and incorporate readily our core products that are mass produced. This will ensure excellent technical product – automation system / special purpose machine / process plant offering strong technical support, affordable pricing to clients and stimulate local market. There will be equal opportunity for Subject Matter Experts or Domain Experts who are well versed with industrial process requirements. They are welcome to share their requirements as they learn more about this technology that will prove highly advantageous to industrial processes. The valve technology presented here is just a start; few more versions adding newer patents that will further expand the business horizon are on cards. A special business proposition is ready for such Subject Matter Experts and for System Integrators as well. Visionary investors are also requested to go through concept of DAD elsewhere on this website that opens doors for high turnover widespread business opportunities in commercial sector challenging current business practices.

The visionary investors having grasped the proposition and willing to enter in a different ball game all together are highly welcomed.

Mr. Satish Pathak

Founder, Samiep

Connect With Us

Connecting with us as an investor shows clearly your vision, witness them being on the side of business runners and off course is an opportunity to be part of enjoying fruits of a long perceived dream of tech based manufacturing venture! The business model is not limited to be a typical manufacturing company that faces several challenges in today’s world followed by preferring to outsource. Though a Startup this is unlike the IT Startups wherein many of you might have invested and grown to some predictable scale. It’s Different… Write us in full confidence to know “How is that!!”

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