Merits of Technology

  • Eliminates need of Proportional Valves and additional devices like I to P convertor, Valve Positioner etc. Saves basic need of Analog Control Output, that is expensive. Simple Digital output is sufficient for Samiep’s new technology.
  • Today’s alternate popular method for liquid dispensing makes use of Two separate on-off valves or complex two-stage flow valves. Specific pair of valves is selected depending on liquid material and target quantity. This basic need of two stage flow i.e. Coarse and Fine flow-rate is eliminated in Samiep’s new technology hence only one single valve is sufficient.
  • No need to select separate valves to suit different viscosity materials. One valve size can be used for wide range of viscosities or can be interchanged for different materials after thorough cleaning. Hence, valve selection, maintenance and production becomes easy. Variety in valve sizes and designs is reduced to a great extent as compared to today’s tailored selection of Valves.
  • Introduced new virtue that a Valve can also have is Least Count
  • Thrashed out concept of % accuracy whilst introducing absolute accuracy at par with Least Count. Hence, deliver accuracies beyond international standards
  • All parts of valve are machined out of SS316 (or better grade) and Teflon. This makes it suitable for almost all variety of liquid materials, chemicals in industry. It can handle hot liquid materials and also can be sterilized
  • Life of valves is improved due to robust design, less wear and tear of parts.
  • Standard practice is to use soft material like Teflon to make one of the part near valve outlet. Teflon once deforms its shape due to operations can not regain it. This causes dripping in the valve. Avoiding this practice makes the Samiep valve completely drip free, tight shut-off.
  • Goodbye to “Flow-rate” dependent dispensing techniques and the attached problems like calculation of in-flight weight, dripping, high error volumes
  • The new technique dispenses liquid using one single maximum possible flow-rate as “continuous” flow and wide range of packets as “discrete”, “non-continuous” flow. Its Special Design gives ability to dispense smallest packet as single drop weighing fraction of a gram that becomes “Least-Count” of the valve
  • Wide range of target quantities can be dispensed from one single valve using Samiep’s new technology that is not possible using any of today’s known practices. To cater such wide range of target quantities, multiple proportional valves or multiple on-off valve pairs are required. Samiep’s new technology makes it possible using one single valve
  • Using Samiep’s new technique automatic compensation of header levels, change in viscosity due to ambient temperature is possible
  • Use of single valve for wide range of dispensing and ability to support variety in viscosity range makes it highly versatile, saving on space, piping, fabrication, engineering, electric power, manpower
  • Savings in Capital Investment due to basic price, simple design, versatile use, interchangeability of valve for different materials
  • Optimum utilization of machines due to its high flexibility to support wide range. Machines built around individual single valves can be used for flexible target filling eliminating the need of using separate machines based on fixed volume for varied target quantities. In case of failure other machines can be used for changing targets. No need of making any manual settings, calibration or changing nozzles for any change in target quantity
  • Huge and recurring savings on material consumption in process or while filling containers
  • Wide range of Formulation Batch sizes can be carried out using only one single valve per liquid raw material that are highly accurate, increasing quality, consistency and throughput of each batch. This brings down the cost of blending unit / plant, makes it further compact
  • Worth retrofitting – To avail advantages of this new technology, it’s not necessary to scrap existing systems but partial replacement of key products will be sufficient. Cost of incorporating this new technology will be recovered in shortest period and benefits of making the facility more versatile whilst huge resources savings on recurring basis will be the advantage.
  • Generates new vision and awareness of material conservation, eliminating traditional approach “we do not need high accuracy” or “we get satisfactory percentage accuracies”. This is possible due to easy access to technology at affordable cost.

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