MicroEssence – A Ready to install Software Application

Samiep is committed to deliver complete solution while offering its own technologies for industrial use. Automation of Formulation Based Batch Production, also known as Automatic Compounding is of utmost concern across industry sectors. Samiep’s valve technology introduced here is best suited to this need. Simply installing all valves identical without worrying what is the chemical or liquid media, what is the viscosity, what is the quantity proportion in a batch. The spectrum is quite broader. MicroEssence is the Application Software exclusively developed in-house for such automation needs. It becomes the backbone of Automatic Compounding needs. It computerizes your production process giving you a perfect, error free batch. Moreover, your formulation secrets are safe. For automatic addition of liquid materials the Samiep valves are interfaced to MicroEssence however, it also allows manual pouring / adding of materials that are not liquid. MicroEssence is interfaced to Electronic Weighing Scales, Bar-code Scanners and Bar-code printers giving features like updating your stocks as measured by weighing scales automatically. Further, we can build a bridge between our ERP modules and your SAP like systems.  MicroEssence is for you irrespective of your production scale may it be Small, Medium, Large or Multinational.

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Samiep is all set to be the nucleus of New Gen Industrial Automation for many applications across international market. You as a process industry or you as a solution provider to them will be highly thrilled to welcome the Automation based on all new Samiep Valves irrespective of the industry sector you are engaged with.  The advantages you get as an end-user will be of the kind “experienced never before” and as a solution provider it’s a wise move to get associated with Samiep before your clients ask you about it! If you are Instrumentation Company or Special Purpose Solution Providers having your presence world over then sign a pact for your System Integrators.