Vision of the Innovator

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Satish Pathak is engaged in providing innovative or first of the kind tailored solutions in industrial automation irrespective of any specific industry sector. He is highly passionate for finding answers, build systems that are not readily available. He applies his knowledge, expertise and skills from Instrumentation, Digital Electronics, Application Software, Communication Protocols and liking in Mechanical Engineering together innovatively to see the process automation challenge is resolved. He has varied projects to his credit that were successfully implemented having his involvement from Conceptualization to Commissioning.

Now, having plans to enter the international market Satish Pathak comes along with an ambitious, crystal clear vision. He narrates the vision, to improve efficiency, reduce losses and improve profits of process industries across the globe by developing path breaking technologies in valves and allied instrumentation.

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Samiep is all set to be the nucleus of New Gen Industrial Automation for many applications across international market. You as a process industry or you as a solution provider to them will be highly thrilled to welcome the Automation based on all new Samiep Valves irrespective of the industry sector you are engaged with.  The advantages you get as an end-user will be of the kind “experienced never before” and as a solution provider it’s a wise move to get associated with Samiep before your clients ask you about it! If you are Instrumentation Company or Special Purpose Solution Providers having your presence world over then sign a pact for your System Integrators.