Decentralized Automated Distribution (DAD)

DAD – All new approach in steps you take after production: Change the way you Fill-Pack-Distribute.

DAD – Decentralized Automated Distribution is an USP of Samiep, based on same valve technology you learnt here. The Samiep Valves made of SS 316 (or better grade) and Teflon suits most of liquid materials. The bandwidth of viscosity is much wider, suits any viscosity liquid that can flow by gravity. Once calibrated you can set any odd quantity to be filled or dispensed. This makes DAD setup highly versatile to offer services for bottling. The small, medium scale manufacturer’s have expertise in manufacturing their products however face challenges while filling in various packing sizes, logistics, loading, unloading by identifying the need of specific geographical location of market. On the other hand large scale manufacturers end up establishing high speed filling machines followed by many operations that are well known to the industry. In either case, DAD setup comes to a big help. We, in our DAD setup can invariably accommodate your needs and fill, pack only those quantities that are needed by local market. Your sales people do footwork to generate orders from retailers that comes as filling requirement to our DAD setup. We fill, pack and send the stocks directly on the shelves of retailers and you eliminate the need of Distributor, Super Stockiest, Stockiest, Dealer, Sub-dealer while saving unwanted inventory. The entire process is Bar-coded and computerized to keep complete transparency with you. The DAD centers will be at multiple geographical locations that will reduce liabilities of employees, infrastructure and many other factors while generating employments at several locations. You will have an edge above in competitive market.

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Samiep is all set to be the nucleus of New Gen Industrial Automation for many applications across international market. You as a process industry or you as a solution provider to them will be highly thrilled to welcome the Automation based on all new Samiep Valves irrespective of the industry sector you are engaged with.  The advantages you get as an end-user will be of the kind “experienced never before” and as a solution provider it’s a wise move to get associated with Samiep before your clients ask you about it! If you are Instrumentation Company or Special Purpose Solution Providers having your presence world over then sign a pact for your System Integrators.